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Basic through to instructor level with GRADING and CERTIFICATION from The UKGF !

The UK Glima Federation proudly presents a Basic to Instructor level Glima Skills Masterclass hosted by Glima Master Tyr Neilson from AVK in Norway (

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3 days of Master classes taking the student from basic through to instructor level with grading and certification from The UKGF.

Ticket price includes first year’s membership to the UKGF, website publicity and online marketing support to get your own Academy started.

The instructor level training and certification is intended for the sole use of future instructors and requires attendance and completion of the full three days of master classes all included in this price.

The basic and intermediate sessions are open to anyone who wishes to experience Glima and learn to fight and defend like a Norse Warrior.


You don’t have to be a Viking or a Shield Maiden or have any Norse heritage or even any previous martial arts experience. Glima is a martial art like any other and open to all who wish to learn the ancient way.

The art is rarely seen or even heard of outside of Scandinavia making this a rare opportunity to learn under a Master here in the UK.

Glima as a self defence technique also translates very well in the street with the aim to be alert, act fast, grapple your opponent quickly to the ground and escape to safety.

So join us for this historical, educational and rare martial arts event.

Find out more about Glima at our website and on our blog

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The Academy was planning on doing something special for glima instructor Bjørn Braathen before he went into the military. As we were preparing a glima workshop to coincide with Bjørn’s instructor grading, we were contacted by a film company who wanted to do a TV show about glima and Bjørn. On short notice the Glima Hell Weekend Training was arranged and a film team flew to Norway to film it.

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Hell weekend had ice, snow, sunshine, a group of great participants, lots of fun and Viking martial arts training. Day 1 had 4 hours of Sport glima training at the Aesir Academy with instruction by Bjørn and former Norwegian Glima Champion John Harald Foss Fjeldbu. At the end of some grueling training, several Academy students received diplomas and belts from instructors Lars Gulbrandsen and Bjørn.

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Day 2 had over 4 hours of Combat Glima with instruction outdoors in an area of deep snow. Students trained in striking, grappling, wrestling and weapon techniques. With hands on teaching from Bjørn, students went through hell. At the end of training, it was Bjørn’s turn. He received punishing treatment as he went through a series of exercises and technique demonstrations, and then had to fight every student.

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Bloody, sweaty and in great humor, students made several campfires, cooked and ate some tasty food, before getting diplomas in Combat Glima. Bjørn also received his diploma certifying him 2nd degree glima Instructor

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At Rosthaug Videregående Skole, whilst specializing in sports, Bjørn put the ancient Scandinavian martial art of Glima into the Norwegian school system.

Bjørn is - 80kg Norwegian Glima Champion 2017 and 2018, 3 X Junior Norwegian Glima Champion (2013, 2014, 2015) and Gudvangen Glima Champion 2017

In 2018 Bjørn was responsible for the Borre Glima Championship.

The Academy of Viking Martial Arts wishes Bjørn all the best for his military service.



Glima winter training camp in Bergen was an exciting weekend with lots of exercise, armed and unarmed Viking martial arts and fun. The seminar included everything from  sports glima intended for friendly competition, to self defence techniques against unarmed and armed assailants. 

Day 1: Sport Glima and Combat Glima + History of Glima presentation and dinner

Day 2: Sport Glima , Combat Glima and historical weapons

Senior Instructor Tyr Neilsen and 3 x Norwegian Junior Glima Champion Bjørn Braathen put students through their paces with sport and combat takedown techniques, strikes, groundwork, pain techniques, and stick and knife techniques.


The Academy appreciates the warm welcome and effort from everyone involved in the training, and we would like to give a big thanks to Chris West of Bjørgvin Glima in Bergen for organizing this training camp and for providing Saturdays Viking feast.

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Joining the Academy for this safety and security workshop was guest instructor Håkon Neil. Håkon has many years of glima experince as well as experience in safety and security professions. This 8 hour workshop included awareness, downplaying situations, single person techniques and team techniques, as well as interaction in training real-life scenarios.

Students had the possibility to learn and practice skills to help build self-confidence and keeping calm in stress situations. These simulations are challenging and demanding, and provide an excellent learning experience.  

Knowledge & Skill technique training included:

Security Awareness. Safety Awareness. Identifying risks and threats. Identifying and implementing appropriate security measures. Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk. Defusing Conflict. Conflict Management. Dealing with aggression. Staying calm when confronted with aggression. Influencing the stress level of the aggressor. Application of Communication Skills. Negotiating a way out of a situation without losing respect. Physical Intervention. Introduction to Physical Skills. Escorting Techniques. Disengagement Techniques. Emergency Procedures. Teamwork.


glima boot camp with tyr neilsen

glima boot camp with tyr neilsen

It was a successful winter training camp this weekend at Combat Glima Boot Camp. We had a weekend with sunshine, a group of great participants, lots of exercise, enjoyment and Viking martial arts training .

Day 1 of combat glima boot camp started with 2 hours indoors on the mat where students went through landing techniques to make sure everyone could be taken down without being hurt. This was followed with takedown techniques such as basic throws and sweeps, groundwork and pain techniques.

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After lunch outdoors beside a frozen lake surrounded by a forest and mountain range, senior Instructor Tyr Neilsen showed differences and techniques of historical Viking weapons and their modern equivalent.


With hands on teaching from Tyr and his instructors, students quickly undertood and applied basic hand to hand combat glima techniques, with and without weapons. Students got to grips (literally) with stick and knife attacks and defences. As movement and coordination is vital in such situations, students were put in positions to understand the basics, such as the "Don't be there" principle, when being attacked.

Students quickly understood and applied stepping out of range, or stepping 'inside' the attack, neutralizing the attack. They understood and applied the "Block and Shock" principle, then used takedowns they had gone through on the mat. Using the glima pain techniques, students started disarming their training partners. Day 1 finished with a Viking buffet, a presentation of what it meant to be a Viking, followed by Q and A, and a few beers.

Day 2 built on what students had worked with on day 1. Attacking and defending with sticks, then hard plastic knives made their unarmed techniques much sharper. After lunch which was warmed up on a campfire, students started applying everything they had learned by defending and fighting for the weapon.  

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Combat glima has no fancy or unrealistic moves or techniques. Each movement is cut to the bone and effective. Learning the technique is one thing, applying it is another. For 3 hours, students attacked, defended, and fought for weapons with gritty determination. Day 2 ended with a little blood, a lot of  sweat, no tears, and great humor.  

Tyr and the Academy would like to thank everyone who were part of combat glima boot camp for their effort and positive attitude throughout the weekend. We look forward to seeing you at the next glima arrangement.

Til árs ok friðar

Comments from some participants at the Combat Glima Boot Camp:

"Combat Glima boot camp is one of the most intense and interesting seminars I have attended."
"Amazing martial art and really motivating. Tyr worked to give us a good, hard look into what Viking Fighting means!"
"Thank you for this weekend, you guys are awesome!"

Anders Jarle Johansen


"The Combat Glima workshop weekend was interesting and challenging. I got just as much out of the weekend as a woman without much experience. I was outside my comfort zones, but was not uncomfortable and felt a sense of belonging to the group of strong men."
"Glima is an interesting and cool way to learn to fight or defend yourself. The way you use nature or your environment makes sense and the moves are smart and easy to understand."
"Tyr is an incredibly talented and charming trainer. It is clear that his interest goes far beyond the weekend course, and that his passion for glima is authentic."
"On the whole, this was a new, very good experience and I recommend everyone a Combat Glima weekend!"

Anna Hoifødt


''Combat Glima Winter Training Boot Camp was an extremely fun weekend, full of exciting techniques for all kinds of situations, lots of great moments and a very interesting and motivating experience.''                                        "I would highly reccomend it for both people with or without martial arts experience''

Lars Egil Gulbrandsen


"A fantastic great training camp, with varying program of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense, with and without weapons."
"The instructors were very competent, clever and motivating, and all honor to Tyr for a wonderful and information- rich training camp."

Anders Sanbakken


glima tyr neilsen

glima tyr neilsen

For the first time, Norway's own martial art of Glima, is part of the school curriculum.

Bjorn Arild Braathen, who is 3 x Junior Norwegian champion, has gotten Glima as his subject at his school - Rosthaug Videregående skole

On Monday October 7th, AVK senior instructor Tyr Neilsen, had a demonstration for the students in the sport line at school. In addition, the students in 2IDA had Glima training and did a fantastic job.