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The finals for the 2017 glima championship were held at the Kolbotn wrestling house in Oslo. The championship attracted some of the best wresters in Norway, and competitors from as far away as Bergen fought for the gold in their weight class and the open title of Norwegian Glima Champion.

This event, organized by the The Norwegian Glima Association, featured exciting matches and fantastic sportsmanship from the finalists. The final placings were:

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under 80 kg:

1. Bjørn Arild Braathen

2. Simen Stordrange

3. Mayow Maalin



over 80 kg:

1. Adrian Jahre

2. Chris West

3. John Harald Foss Fjeldbu




Open class:

1. Adrian Jahre

2. Bjørn Braathen

3. John Harald Foss Fjeldbu


By winning the open class, Adrian Jahre became Norwegian Glima Champion 2017.


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Photos courtesy of : @ScottPhoto


The Academy is especially proud of 18 year old Academy instructor in Sport Glima, Bjørn Braathen, on his winning the gold medal for his weight class, and for winning silver medal in the open class.



A Norwegian Glima Association Viking Shield and bronze plaque, was presented to Kolbotn wrestling house in recognition for holding the championship there in 2016 and 2017.

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