GLIMA MJÖLNIR by Tyr Neilsen

When the Norwegian Glima Association decided on making the ultimate glima trophy, it was agreed that it should be the symbol of Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, the god of Viking wrestling. Mjölnir, from the Old Norse - Mjǫllnir, meaning to "grind" or "crush", is the most powerful Viking sacred symbol. As a symbol, it was used in sacred Norse and Viking ceremonies, weddings, and as a protective amulet.


The Association has used Mjölnir as its symbol for Glima - Viking wrestling from the start, and in 2015 it was decided to create the ultimate Glima Mjölnir.

Tyr Neilsen, president of the Norwegian Glima Association, together with Håkon Neil, designed the hammer based on several Mjölnir amulets from the Viking Age. The Association then took the design to Arkadiusz Gawecki, an acclaimed blacksmith with a smithy in Åmot, Buskerud.

 After talking about the reasons behind the Mjölnir design, and the sacred Norse symetry and symbols associated with it, Arkadiusz began working on this prestigious hammer in the same way as iron and steel equipment and weapons were made in the Viking Age.

When finished, the Glima hammer weighed 3.5 kilos and looked amazing. It is one of the very few large Mjölnir hammers made in Norway since the Viking Age. Arkadiusz said it was a pleasure to work on the trophy and felt that it was an important piece of art. 

At the 2015 Norwegian Glima Championship, the Glima Mjölnir was presented to the public for the first time. The Norwegian Glima Association and the Academy of Martial Arts believes this piece of art would be worthy of Thor, the Viking God of wrestling.


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