Training Rune Temte in Viking Fighting for his role on The LAST KINGDOM

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Norwegian actor Rune Temte plays Viking cheiftan Ubba in the BBC TV series The Last Kingdom.

In preperation for his role, Rune trained in the authentic Viking fighting art of Glima at the Academy of Viking Martial Arts in Buskerud, Norway. For several months Rune trained by Tyr Neilsen in Viking sword, axe and shield fighting, as well as Viking wrestling.

Throughout training Rune showed true Viking Spirit. He was always ready to train, whether it was rain or snow, and always gave 100%.

"Tyr Neilsen, you are the best, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn Viking fighting from you !!! You made me into a Viking for the Last Kingdom." - Rune Temte

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Photos: Rune Temte training Viking Fighting with and without weapons with Tyr Neilsen at the academy and article by Ingun Wiborg Gislerud on Rune, his training and his role as a viking chieftan in the BBC tv series The Last Kingdom - Based on the bestselling novel by Bernard Cornwell.
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