Glima winter training camp this weekend in Bergen with lots of exercise, martial arts, Viking fighting and fun. The seminar will include everything from self defence techniques to sports glima for friendly competition. 

Senior Instructor Tyr Neilsen and 3 X Norwegian Junior Glima Champion Bjørn Braathen will put students through their paces with sport and combat takedown techniques, throws, sweeps, strikes, groundwork and pain techniques.

Day 1: Sport Glima and Combat Glima + Historical talk and dinner.

Day 2: Sport Glima , Combat Glima and historical weapons


                                  Norwegian Glima Championship 2016 - Front row; John harald fjeldbu (Co-arranger) Sebastian Aak (Champion 2016) Tyr Neilsen (arranger and Referee)

                                  Norwegian Glima Championship 2016 - Front row; John harald fjeldbu (Co-arranger) Sebastian Aak (Champion 2016) Tyr Neilsen (arranger and Referee)

The Norwegian Glima Championship 2016 was held in Kolbotn Wrestling House in Olso. Male and female competitors from Oslo, Bergen, Drammen and Hokksund fought in several weight divisions, then fought for the open weight category to become the undisputed Norwegian Glima Champion 2016.

Congatulations to all glima athletes for a day of exciting and hard fought competition. Congratulations to medal winners and champions of the most prominent Viking Wrestling championship in Norway. 

Sebastian Aak, Norwegian Glima Champion 2016 Men - Pernille Rojahn Oddlien, Norwegian Glima Champion 2016 Women.   


The Academy of Viking Martial Arts has been integral in making Glima a recognised modern sport by working with the Norwegian Glima Association in the Norwegian Glima Championship since 2012.

Sport glima - the ancient traditional folk wrestling from Norway and Scandinavia, can be traced back to the Viking Age. Through the work of the Academy, there has been weekly training in glima since 2009. This has led to a group of athletetes who have dominated this sport in Norway.

For several years, students of the Academy have won the Norwegian Glima Championship, the Junior Norwegian Glima Championship, and the Open Glima Championship.

Below is a list over Norwegian Glima Champions and the years they won:  

Roger Olav Stalheim, Norwegian Glima Champion 2009 and 2010.

Andreas Sørensen, Norwegian Glima Champion 2011, 2012 and 2013. (Undefeated in competition).

John Harald Foss Fjeldbu, Norwegian Glima Champion 2014.

Mats Rolfsen, Norwegian Glima Champion 2015.

Bjørn Arild Braathen, Junior Norwegian Glima Champion 2013, 2014, 2015.