GOING A VIKING lecture by Tyr Neilsen

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This was a lecture by Academy Viking martial arts expert Tyr Neilsen and survival expert Håkon Thoresen about hunting, fishing and outdoors living techniques and equipment in the Viking Age and in the present day.

The lecture was held this may at  Eidsfoss Estate, Vestfold County, Norway, and was organized by Gammelt og Nytt (Old and New), which is one of Norway's leading specialty stores in knives, outdoor equipment and militaria.

The premise was to look at how the Norse people in Viking Age Norway hunted, fished and survived out in nature, and compare it to how modern day Norwegians manage in these same fields.

The origin of the word Viking comes from the Old Norse Vikingr, meaning Scandinavian seafarer. A ‘Viking’ was a part time hunter-farmer-warrior, who travelled to other lands and traded, raided, became sword for hire or conquered lands. In the sagas, the phrase "to go a Viking" was used to describe the people from the north who went on voyages of discovery.

Over the centuries there has been an amazing amount of historical and archaeological research regarding the Norse people and Vikings. Everything from who they were, to what they conquered, when they conquered, and where they conquered. But very little academic research has been done regarding how they fought and why they fought the way they did. Yet these questions are of equal importance in understanding the Viking age as any other question. The answer lies in the hunting, martial art and survival skills of the Vikings.

A lot has been written about the Viking Age, by poets, academics, and historians, but very little by warriors and hunters, yet warriors and hunters have a special insight into the creation of the Viking Age and what being a Viking really means.

This was an exciting and educational lecture about this rarely discussed part of Viking history.

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