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Basic through to instructor level with GRADING and CERTIFICATION from The UKGF !

The UK Glima Federation organized a Basic to Instructor level Glima skills Masterclass hosted by Glima Master Tyr Neilson from AVK in Norway (

3 days of Master classes took these experienced martial artistst from basic through to instructor level with grading and certification from The UKGF.

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Glima Grappling with weapons

Glima Grappling with weapons

The basic and intermediate sessions were open to anyone who had martial arts experience wanted to experience Glima and learn to fight and defend like a Norse Warrior. Participants didn’t have to be a Viking or a Shield Maiden or have any Norse heritage, and people whi have trained in all styles of martial arts were welcome. Glima has become open to all who wish to learn this ancient martial art. The art is rarely seen or even heard of outside of Scandinavia which made this a rare opportunity to learn under a Master in the UK.

Glima as a self defence technique also translates very well in the street with the aim to be alert, act fast, grapple your opponent quickly to the ground and escape to safety. This includes training for attacks with weapons.

This was an historical, educational and rare martial arts event.

“Hi Tyr, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge with us all here in the UK. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Tony Davis - Total Dojo

“What a great experience, I'm honored to have trained and graded to instructor level in the brutal viking martial art of Glima.” “The course has been well organized and the information delivered fantastically.”’

James Simpson

“A massive thank you to Master Tyr Neilsen for taking the time to come over and share his wealth of knowledge and experience, and to Bjørn Braathen and Lars Egil Gulbrandsen for also being there to encourage and help educate.”

Steven Scott - Úlfhéðinn Glima

“Pleasure to meet you Tyr. Awesome coaching!”

James Buchanon - Viking Fitness

“Fantastic to meet and train with you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such passion.”

Stuart Harris - Total Dojo

“Awesome training from a truly top guy!! Thanks for your time, passion, knowledge, stories and pressups!!”

Junior Sealey

Find out more about UK Glima at their website and blog

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