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The Academy was planning on doing something special for glima instructor Bjørn Braathen before he went into the military. As we were preparing a glima workshop to coincide with Bjørn’s instructor grading, we were contacted by a film company who wanted to do a TV show about glima and Bjørn. On short notice the Glima Hell Weekend Training was arranged and a film team flew to Norway to film it.

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Hell weekend had ice, snow, sunshine, a group of great participants, lots of fun and Viking martial arts training. Day 1 had 4 hours of Sport glima training at the Aesir Academy with instruction by Bjørn and former Norwegian Glima Champion John Harald Foss Fjeldbu. At the end of some grueling training, several Academy students received diplomas and belts from instructors Lars Gulbrandsen and Bjørn.

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Day 2 had over 4 hours of Combat Glima with instruction outdoors in an area of deep snow. Students trained in striking, grappling, wrestling and weapon techniques. With hands on teaching from Bjørn, students went through hell. At the end of training, it was Bjørn’s turn. He received punishing treatment as he went through a series of exercises and technique demonstrations, and then had to fight every student.

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Bloody, sweaty and in great humor, students made several campfires, cooked and ate some tasty food, before getting diplomas in Combat Glima. Bjørn also received his diploma certifying him 2nd degree glima Instructor

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At Rosthaug Videregående Skole, whilst specializing in sports, Bjørn put the ancient Scandinavian martial art of Glima into the Norwegian school system.

Bjørn is - 80kg Norwegian Glima Champion 2017 and 2018, 3 X Junior Norwegian Glima Champion (2013, 2014, 2015) and Gudvangen Glima Champion 2017

In 2018 Bjørn was responsible for the Borre Glima Championship.

The Academy of Viking Martial Arts wishes Bjørn all the best for his military service.