Joining the Academy for this safety and security workshop was guest instructor Håkon Neil. Håkon has many years of glima experince as well as experience in safety and security professions. This 8 hour workshop included awareness, downplaying situations, single person techniques and team techniques, as well as interaction in training real-life scenarios.

Students had the possibility to learn and practice skills to help build self-confidence and keeping calm in stress situations. These simulations are challenging and demanding, and provide an excellent learning experience.  

Knowledge & Skill technique training included:

Security Awareness. Safety Awareness. Identifying risks and threats. Identifying and implementing appropriate security measures. Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk. Defusing Conflict. Conflict Management. Dealing with aggression. Staying calm when confronted with aggression. Influencing the stress level of the aggressor. Application of Communication Skills. Negotiating a way out of a situation without losing respect. Physical Intervention. Introduction to Physical Skills. Escorting Techniques. Disengagement Techniques. Emergency Procedures. Teamwork.