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On the 19th of may 2018, Academy of Viking martial arts expert Tyr Neilsen,  together with survival expert Håkon Thoresen, held a lecture about hunting, fishing and outdoors living techniques and equipment in the Viking Age and in the present day, at Eidsfoss estate, Vestfold County, in Norway.

This was an exciting and educational lecture about a rarely discussed part of Viking history.

This lecture was organized by Gammelt og Nytt (Old and New), which is one of Norway's leading specialty stores in knives, outdoor equipment and militaria. The premise was to look at how the Norse people in Viking Age Norway hunted, fished and survived out in nature, and compare it to how modern day Norwegians manage in these same fields.

Eidsfoss Hovedgård, Vestfold County, Norway

Eidsfoss Hovedgård, Vestfold County, Norway


The origin of the word Viking comes from the Old Norse Víkingr. A ‘Viking’ was a part time farmer-hunter-warrior, who travelled to other lands and traded, raided, became sword for hire or conquered lands. These farmer-hunter-warriors were so successful in their part time profession in the late 8th to late 11th centuries that this period of history became known as the Viking Age.

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Over the centuries there has been an amazing amount of historical and archaeological research regarding the Norse people and Vikings. Everything from who they were, to what they conquered, when they conquered, and where they conquered. But very little academic research has been done regarding how they fought and why they fought the way they did. Yet these questions are of equal importance in understanding the Viking age as any other question. The answer lies in the hunting, martial art and survival skills of the Vikings.

A lot has been written about the Viking Age, by poets, academics, and historians, but very little by warriors and hunters, yet warriors and hunters have a special insight into the creation of the Viking Age and what being a Viking really means.

About the speakers:

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Tyr Neilsen is senior instructor for the Academy of Viking Martial Arts and the Norwegian Glima Association. Tyr started his training in the martial arts in 1973, and has trained armed and unarmed martial arts with the best experts in the world. In the last decades Tyr has taught the sport and combat forms of Viking martial arts in Norway, Europe and America, and has been in charge of Norway's Glima Championship since 2012.

Tyr is very interested in what it means to be Viking and how it was to "Go a Víking". For a whole year in 2011, Tyr lived as a Viking, including traveling over 15 thousand miles, to 9 countries in Europe and Scandinavia to document the Viking Martial Arts, and how it is to live like a Viking. Tyr has also participated in many of the largest steel weapon re-enactments in Europe, including the Battle of Hastings, and is the only Norwegian to have taken part in the Viking/Slav battle in Wolin, Poland. 

Tyr has unique knowledge of viking history, culture, philosophy and mythology, and has held seminars at museums and schools in Europe and Scandinavia. He has been a consultant for several Norwegian related books, and has written the book Viking Wisdom - Håvamål - the Sayings of Odin, published in Norwegian and English.


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Håkon has been hunting since he was a boy. He thrives in all kinds of nature and always has a backpack, map and compass with him.

In the late 1970s, Håkon was an instructor in winter survival for British forces in Western Norway. Courses always occurred in february, and Håkon was responsible for training the soldiers to ski, live out in winter, and survive in extreme winter conditions.

From 1976 til 1996, Håkon held a series of courses in mountain survival for the department of defense. This course inlcuded all season survival, mountain rescue, climbing and maneauvers in ice conditions, and survival diet and nutrition. Håkon also contributed an article in a book about winter exercises for AMF forces (Allied Mobile Forces).

Håkon's company, PSC, has held a series of courses, lectures and seminars on the themes: raising awareness, personality development, mastery and leadership. Håkon also arranges challenge training which clarify mechanisms associated with the mentioned themes.
For more information: www.psc.no


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GAMMELT og NYTT    (Old & New)
G & N was established in 1974 and has developed into one of Norway's leading specialty stores in knives, outdoor living and militaria.

Because of the large interest in historical hunting and outdoor living, G & N has steadily had a selection of Viking equipment from knifes to swords. G & N is the main supplier to Viking groups in Buskerud and has had stands at many Viking markets over several years.

In addition to hunting and outdoors equipment, the G & N store in Øvre Torggate 9, Drammen, has a huge selection of new as used weapons and hunting equipment.
For more information: www.gn.no 

Never travel
Without the things
You need
You never know
What you'll meet
On the way

HÁVAMÁL - verse 38


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