Einherjarmál - by T.I.Neilsen

Sunrise breaks o’er thy snow decked peaks

O glorious Asgard

From flushed dell whence Yggdrasil towers

Yon sky of glowing hue

Crowns in splendor

Deep forest and weathered vale

Lofty mount and azure plane

That burnish with dazzling radiance

Testimony to godly endeavor

This enchanted vista

Thus convey’d

Soaring resonance, rich, untamed

O’er enchanted woodland

Splend'rous meadow

and Iðunn blessed orchard

To this land good call rewarded

Freyja’s host through distant cloud sings

With stroke for their fair chains

An honored gift

Overture of no small contented words

From mortal warriors

To golden hall

Comes cry receptive

That joins with sweet peal

Neath plummeting foss and comforting storm

Verse for Bifrost’s crossing

And harmonious clash

Practiced evr’y day

From dawns fine promise

To sunset’s curtain

Luminous eternal

Steering valiant souls through gent'lest day

And storms of thunder

Ride on Noble Valkyrie

Raise cold spirits upwards

Exalting warm elation whilst they climb

Assemble your selected slain

Neath Odin’s tower

Where vaults from shield to shield

Nailed golden clad

Deep timbre rings joyful cheer

On yon glowing standard

A glint of single orb

Death’s day yet ends

To fetch the favor’d

For nights everlasting

Where ashen branches

Strive for Hlidskjalf’s crown

And yawning tendrils

Drink deeply from Urd’s well

Ever here the high ones

Each day hold court

This fate observed


O first vision of Buri’s spawn

In cloud of golden guard

Do shield maidens convey

Their honored choice of princely men

Whose martial fame and high acclaim

Be now renowned

And shine like Brisingamen

Glimpsed in early morn

When surpassed is beauty’s glow

To all ladies loathe and envy

Though words may tell against

Their eyes speak true

Once glittering jewels break

And glowers ensue

As bloodied oath

And pledge of sacred vow

From man and king as one

A trade of final days  

For promise of yon misty trail

That trembles under hoof

Of noble winged steed

Whence emerge fair choosers of the slain

Thus charged by Sigrdrifa

Behold her liberated locks

On bleak wind gliding

With solemn bearing

So graceful stirred

Lost loves bearer to this place

With sturdy horde

Victory bringers all

To flourish not in vain

For favor, praise or fame

But everlasting glory

When final fate in battle

Fighting side by side with Gods

Aye, and of more than they

Fate's golden throne

At this time placed

Spectacle as ne’er seen

Collisions so violent

That day be stolen

To ne’er return

Yet such radiance exudes

From anguished maidens

Whose cries of ache doth reverberate

To tear from souls all sense of dread

And bolster forth frailest of heart

Tho weary and forlorn

To stand once more as heroes

Our paragon of valor

Doth rise and face

Malevolent hordes

Whose dread countenance constricts our ancestral blood

The very source of being

So enthused

Not Thor, beloved heir

Whose might renowned

Could compare

Nor Tyr, whose boldness

Leads the chosen ever on

Though realms may fall

And worlds are wrought asunder

Twas ever thus

In highest esteem

These Einherjar stand

Firm and fast

Alongside yon sovereign

Whose sacrifice begot

Rune mystery and well wisdom

Greatly prized and age refined

Go not unused

Where deeds of man and gods

Thus entwined

In truth and cunning

For such a time

As when whispered words are hushed

And desired breath is stayed

Held attentive as needs

Once such threat pervades

Darkest menace gathers speed

Hastening ever to this place

This wrathfull storm

Distant Ragnarok draws near

Resembling most condemned dread

That grips the heart

And pains the ear

Now blackest thoughts stain fairest hope

In fears cold clasp no sun could thaw

Rise again o’er highest faith

That heart doth beat

Bid thee primal thirst

Where deepest force

May forever reign

And decree everlasting

With wondrous thread

Flawlessly woven by hand of favored age

Interlaced in all designs

Thine fates entangled

O thy chosen

In evr’y realm be heard

Gjallarhorn resounding

Such agony vouchsafe

Thus tremble the nine worlds

When at Vígríðr there gathers

A host foretold

Forces of monstrous grim expanse

In colossal clash

Like ocean surge of raging tremors

And such destruction

That Sól be not spared darks deepest shadow

Yet knowing thus

Does mighty thew

Grip weapon of iron and steel

Awaiting such fare

As cruel Fimbulwinter calls ever closer

To crimson gore of fated men

Let not thy mettle waver now

Nor mercy expect

Stand strong

Thou art favored of Odin

O Einherjar