Tyr Neilsen
Combat Glima and Sport Glima Senior Instructor

Tyr Neilsen is the only master of armed and unarmed glima. He is senior instructor for the Academy of Viking Martial Arts and the Norwegian Glima Association.

Tyr is experienced in many martial arts styles and has taught various types of martial arts since 1980, in Europe, Norway and USA, and has been teaching armed and unarmed Glima since the early 1990's.

Tyr has trained with many world famous martial arts masters in England, France and the USA. He has trained Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Escrima with Guro Dan Inosanto, Wing Chun Kung Fu with Sifu Nino Bernado, Savate with Professeur Salem Assli, Grappling with legend Larry Hartsell, and Shotokan Karate with Terry O'Neill (voted by Black Belt Magazine as "deadliest fighter on the planet").

Tyr started his martial arts training with Ju Jitsu in 1973, and from 2011 he has been senior instructor for Drammen Ju Jitsu Club, a member of Ju Jitsu Norway.

Tyr was first introduced to Viking swordfighting in the late 1970's in England. In 1989 he moved to Norway and began his training in glima with the master of balance, Odd Svendsen. Since the early 1990's, Tyr has been teaching armed and unarmed glima.

In 2005 Tyr was co-founder of the Viking Hærkamp group Víkvarir and was Sverdkamp instructor there until he left in 2007.

Tyr has participated in many of the largest steel weapon re-enactments in Europe, including the Battle of Hastings. He is the only Norwegian to have taken part in the Viking/Slav battle in Wolin, Poland. This is an annual event where over 500 Viking/Slav warriors have a 'real' Viking battle with hard hits from the weapons.

Tyr has unique knowledge of Viking history, culture, philosophy, mythology. For a whole yearin 2011, Tyr trained and lived as a Viking, including traveling over 15 thousand miles, to 9 countries in Europe and Scandinavia to document the Viking Martial Arts, and how it is to live like a Viking.

In 2013 Tyr traveled to Iceland and had exclusive time with the original Hávamál manuscript from the year 1270, for the book he co-wrote: Viking Wisdom - HÁVAMÁL - the Sayings of Odin.

In 2015 Tyr and Academy instructor Andreas Sørensen were the first Norwegians to be invited to Jorvik, Europe's largest Viking festival, to demonstrate Glima - The Martial Art system of the Vikings.

Tyr is President of the Norwegian Glima Association, and since 2012 has been responsible for arranging the Norwegian Glima Championship.


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Lars Egil Gulbrandsen
First Level Sport Glima and Combat Glima Instructor

Lars Egil Gulbrandsen is a first level instructor for Sport Glima and Combat Glima at the Academy of Viking Martial Arts.

Lars has a blue belt in sport glima, blue belt in combat glima, and first level in Historical Viking Weapons. He also has several years of martial arts training, with a green belt in Ju Jitsu. 

Lars has been assisting in AVK glima demonstrations and instructing basic glima since 2014.


Bjørn Braathen
First level Sport Glima instructor

Bjørn Arild Braathen is an first level instructor for sport glima at the Academy of Viking Martial Arts and is 3 time Norwegian Junior Løse-tak Glima Champion – 2013, 2014, 2015.

At 17, Bjørn took bronze at the 2016 Norwegian Glima Championship. At 18, Bjørn ( a lightweight) won the heavyweight division at the 2017 Gudvangen Glima Championship. 

Bjørn is currently a third year student at Rosthaug Videregående Skole specializing in sports. Bjørn has Glíma as his main subject, and by doing this he has managed to get the ancient Scandinavian martial art into the Norwegian school system.

Bjørn has a blue belt in sport glima and blue belt in combat glima, as well as several years of other martial arts training with green belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has been assisting in AVK glima demonstrations and seminars since 2014.